Major Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Foundation for Student Science and Technology (FSST) and Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group (SEYEG) are joining together to build upon our individual success in cultivating future STEM leadership and engaging students in STEM activities. Click here to learn more.

Who We Are

Science Expo Youth Empowerment Group is the largest student-run non-profit organization that connects youth to the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) community in Canada. Operating in the provinces of Ontario, tta, and British Columbia, Science Expo has established a diverse network of motivated students, professionals, and industry leaders.

Our mission is to enrich students' experiences beyond the classroom; empower youth with opportunities, tools, and connections; and encourage youth to explore the possibilities in STEM through hands-on learning.

Ontario Science Expo

Science Expo began in Ontario in 2010. Our first symposium was hosted in a local high school auditorium, but since then our programs have grown to encompass a full day conference, an extensive ambassador program, a mentorship program, and a series of developmental workshops. Currently, Ontario boasts a network of over 85 ambassadors from Ottawa to London. The mentorship program provides high school students with the opportunity to chat and work with young professionals and leaders in STEM, allowing for ideas to be shared and opportunities to be unlocked. As well, students have the opportunity to attend numerous workshops throughout the course of the year to develop their competencies in various STEM fields. This year Science Expo Ontario will be hosting its 7th annual conference, Ascension, in Toronto on November 12, 2016. Conference Page

Alberta Science Expo

Alberta is the newest province that Science Expo has reached during its national expansion. Having been inaugurated since only September 2014, Science Expo Alberta has taken every opportunity to expand the organization's vision not only to a new geographical region, but also to a new level of excellence. Apart from launching an Ambassadors Program that reached over 30 schools from all over the province, the Alberta chapter also launched Science Expo's Online Speaker Series, a medium through which they aim to democratize the conference enrichment process through interview-style YouTube videos featuring STEM role models. This past year, Alberta launched a mentorship program with over 30 mentors and mentees throughout Edmonton and Calgary. This November, Science Expo Alberta will be hosting its 2nd conference - stay tuned for the date!

British Columbia Science Expo

Science Expo BC is a fairly new chapter, started three years ago with a single Fall Info Night. In the three years since, the BC Chapter has grown to have a presence in over 50 high schools across the Greater Vancouver Area with its extensive Ambassador and Internship programs. It has continued to build its network throughout BC, recently partnering with SAP to host an "Intro to Web Apps" workshop at the SAP Vancouver Office. The BC team plans to continue their growth and deliver engaging development programs throughout the next year! Science Expo BC is hosting their next conference, Catalyst, on November 5, 2016. You definitely wouldn’t want to miss out. Conference Page


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Our sponsors make it a reality. We would like to extend our appreciation for all the support we have received from the following companies and organizations.

Our Team

Susie Pan
Jennifer Dong
Marketing Director
Lily Zhang
Co-Chair, ON
Rebecca Guan
Business Development Director
Lisa Bui
Wendy Song
Chair, BC
Sai Vemula
Chair, AB
Vidhu Joshi
Outreach Co-Director, ON
Janica Echavez
VP of Operations
Emma Xie
Site Manager
Ayush Kapur
Programs Director, ON
Adelina Cozma
Programs Director, AB
Aiyman Vassanji
Outreach Co-Director, AB
Akshaya Radhakrishnan
Outreach Co-Director, ON
Brian Pham
Outreach Co-Director, AB
Hania Aamer
Conference Director, AB
Janice Wong
Outreach Director BC
Mitchell Ho
Conference Co-Director, ON
Rebecca John
Conference Co-Director, ON
Tina Tang
Co-Chair, ON

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