Science Expo’s annual conference has been the organization’s flagship event since its inception in 2010. Held in February, this one-day conference brings together around 100 of Ontario’s brightest youth from high schools in Waterloo to Sudbury. Students have the chance to hear high profile individuals speak about their STEM experiences, participate in workshops, networking activities and a design challenge, and inquire into a variety of STEM opportunities at the exhibition. For the past two years, delegates also had the opportunity to compete for a $500 scholarship; however, a new program will replace this for Science Expo 2013. Overall, the annual conference gives students a platform to network with like-minded peers, and an opportunity to learn about how they can become involved in the world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Past speakers at the conference have included Mubdi Rahman (science fair guru), Joshua Liu (Founder of SMARTS), Nicholas Schiefer (International Science and Engineering Fair Grand Prize winner), and Dr. Brad Bass (2007 Nobel Prize winner).

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